Kaisar' s Katz

Sultana comes from Bruce Alexy in North Carolina and has been with me since December 2016.  She is both TICA and CFA registered. She is a proven breeder who is still in her prime. We have kept the best of her females to continue her lines with our other Sires.

Alexy Sultana

Abyssinians are a popular breed, thanks to their unusual intelligence and generally extroverted, playful, willful personalities. And Alexy Sultana has proven that and has passed that on through her kittens.


Ariana is one of our girls! She is Sultana and Lionel's daughter. We choose our girls carefully from our litters for health and breed standards to produce beautiful and social mothers, which ensures the socialization of the kitten you ultimately have as your forever Abyssinian.

Jazz Harmony

Jazz came to our cattery from Canada. She is an incredible mother! You can see her with one of her litters here!