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Alpharetta Animal Hospital, Alpharetta, GA Alpharetta Animal Hospital, Alpharetta, GA Alpharetta Animal Hospital works with us as a breeder. They will be waiting at the door if necessary. We can our vet tech can be reached anytime, day or night. The entire staff is incredible. Anyone who has purchased a kitten or is considering purchasing a kitten is welcome to call them to inquire about our credentials.
Cat Fancier's AssociationCat Fancier's AssociationCat Fancier’s Association is the World’s Largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats. Here you can find us under the Abyssinian breeders listing. You can find information on breeds, breed standards, shows, how to find the right kitten for your family, the care of your kitten or cat, and so much more. Located in Alliance, OH.
The Internation Cat Association (TICA)The Internation Cat Association (TICA)The Internation Cat Association (TICA) is a register of Pedigreed cats, recognizing additional breeds’ colors than CFA. To be registered with TICA, you have to be in good standing and registered with CFA. Here you can also search breed profiles and shows.
Kitty Cat BreedersKitty Cat BreedersOn Kitty Cat Breeders, you can search for different breeds. The site is unattended; however, the profile page features the Cattery where my first Abyssinian came from, Kentucky Katz cattery. I named him Kaisar! This is one of his brothers! If you click on the link for KentuckyKatz.com, it will redirect you to us!