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Alexy Sultana

Abyssinian kittens are born with dark coats that gradually lighten as they mature, usually over several months.

You will find that our kittens are raised by their mom, older siblings, “nanny” cat, and our Abyssinians we have chosen to keep for socialization.  You will find that at Kaiser’s Katz cattery, we don’t cage any of our kittens or their parents, except for transport for their safety.  Your next addition to your family has been born. We breed in predominantly Ruddy but will have occasional Red, Blue, and Fawn colors.

There is nothing like an Abyssinian.


Jazz Harmony

Jazz Harmony's kittens, there is that occasional blue we have mentioned!



Little buddles of fur!


We take the most outstanding care in raising our Abyssinian kittens from their first breath until they come to your home, so your kitten has assured the best quality of life. Your kitten is handled within a few hours after birth by our family members and introduced to new scents, textures, and sounds for socialization and security. All of our kittens come with a genetic guarantee.