Abyssinian Kitten Agreement
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KAISAR’S KATZ cattery, a registered TICA cattery. This certificate guarantees that the kitten purchased from Roger Dudley can be registered with TICA once this spay/neuter agreement is honored. This certificate will guarantee that the kitten purchased from KAISAR’S KATZ cattery is a purebred Abyssinian. Born to Sire: ______________________Dam:__________________.  This certificate guarantees the kitten purchased from KAISAR’S KATZ is of good health and free of genetic disorders and further assures the kitten will remain free of genetic disorders for one year, excluding allergies. Should a genetic disorder be found during the following year to date of purchase, the breeder will refund the full amount of the kitten’s purchase or replace the kitten with proof of such disorder from that kitten veterinarian and confirmed by KAISAR’S KATZ cattery’s veterinarian. The original kitten will return to KAISAR’S KATZ cattery.  

Per this agreement, you agree that the kitten should be vet checked within two business days of possession and report any problems or concerns within ten (10) days of the vet visit.  You agree to notify us immediately of a health issue, as it could affect the animals in our home and cattery.  Furthermore, you agree to provide the kitten the follow-up shots and tests needed to maintain their health unless the breeder has previously offered any or all.  This kitten is being sold “as a pet only,” and you, as the new owner,  will have him/her neutered or spayed at the earliest time for the health of the kitten (not before 16 weeks and no later than six months and the kittens weighing at least 4 pounds).  The kitten is WITHOUT breeding rights.  We will send your TICA Registration papers to you, the purchaser, upon receipt of the kitten being neutered or spayed with a written statement from the performing veterinarian unless previously confirmed by the breeder.  Kaisar’s Katz Cattery purchase agreement prohibits your kitten from being used in any experimentation or sold to another person or institution. If for some reason, you cannot keep your kitten that you have purchased, even if it is an adult, as the breeder, I am to be notified. As long as I am still living and you are unable to keep your kitten/cat, the breeder requires the kittens’ return to the breeder, not for a refund to you, but for the breeder to find the proper placement for the kitten/cat.
The purchaser will be liable for any transportation costs at that time if necessary unless previously agreed upon by the breeder. 

De-clawing is not allowed under any circumstances. The kitten WILL NOT be caged or kenneled for any other reason except for transportation. Any violations of this contract by the purchaser will void any guarantees by the breeder.  The kitten is allowed outside ONLY in a kitten or cat-safe run or walked on a leash, preventing accidental death by dogs, cars, coyotes, or theft. 
_______, I agree to all of the conditions and terms listed above. (Please initial)      

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Price of kitten:________________

Delivery if applicable:__________

Deposit payment:_____________Method:__________________Amount:_____________

Amount Due:_________­­­­________Method:__________________Amount:_____________ 
To the new owners of our Abyssinian kitten, there are a few things that I would recommend. These statements are not warranted, guaranteed, or intended to replace veterinarian advice.  These statements are suggestions from our studies and experience living with Abyssinian Cats.

1.  Water:  it is so essential that kittens and cats have a plentiful clean water supply. A bowl of water can stagnate very quickly, within an hour, which harbors bacteria and collects materials unhealthy for your kitten.  So, not only is that unhealthy but then your kittens/cats won’t drink the amount of water they need to maintain a healthy urinary tract.  Keeping running water with a fountain is ideal for your kitten.  Our kittens have been raised on different fountains and have adapted quickly.  Please BE WARNED THOUGH that Abyssinians love water, and a large body of water, like a bath, commode, anywhere they cannot get out of will be of grave danger or death. So, please DO NOT leave the kitten where they will be near a bath, pool, or outside water pumps for their protection.  

2.  Nutrition, of course, is vital. Kittens and cats, in general, need more protein than dogs. We have chosen to use a raw food diet with a 95% or higher protein base starting at the age our kittens can eat food while still being nursed by their mothers. One that can be used for kittens through adults. It consists of raw protein like chicken, beef, pork, fish, bison mixed with correct vitamins and minerals. We will assist you in getting your raw food diet started when you purchase your kitten. (Please note: any significant change in their diet the first year of purchase could cause health issues listed in the guarantee above.)

3.  Adjusting to a new home may cause some changes in stool & eating habits. Kittens may cry in search of siblings until they vomit. The stool may change and should return to normal in one week. Vomiting should be small amounts after periods of crying & should be less than what the kitten ate—no more than three times a day for the first several days. These are rare situations. We handle our kittens within minutes of birth and introduce new scents, noises, and our other animals within hours after they are born. They should adjust beautifully.  If your kitten seems stressed, take it to a quiet room, hold him close to your chest under your chin, and stroke the sides of his face.  Tug or stroke slightly on his ears with moistened fingers. It gives him the feeling his mother or siblings are bathing him. Our kittens have been raised freely in our home. They interact daily with their Nanny cat, the other adult Abyssinian family, and their mother. They are highly sociable. We know you will enjoy it!!! 

This kitten agreement is the property of KaisarsKatz.com and Kaisars Katz Cattery. We do not allow anyone to copy this without expressed written permission from us.  Please “contact us” for help. 

Thank you,
Roger Dudley