About Us

Kaisar's Katz. is a small personal cattery located in Atlanta, Georgia.  You will find that we are extremely responsible breeders of Abyssinian Kittens for quality, healthy companions or breeders.  You will find show quality kittens at Kaisar's Katz cattery, as we breed from quality show bloodlines and a large gene pool.  You can be comfortable knowing that we breed only a few kittens each year to ensure their health, genetics, and personality.  When you buy a kitten from Kaisar's Katz Cattery, your kitten will be well socialized and secure when they come to your home.  We will need to find out information about you before we commit to selling you one of our kittens for the well being of the kitten and for your expectations.  Placing a kitten in a responsible home is a high priority for us as breeders.  We love the Abyssinian breed.  We want the best for all of our kittens and their new families.  We invite you to contact us and talk with us about the Abyssinian kittens that may be your next addition to your family.  You will be greeted with a friendly and loving response when you inquire about out Abyssinian kittens.  All questions are welcomed, whether you are just learning about this breed or you are a breeder.  

We stay with our Abyssinian queens when they deliver their kittens.  We are with them until all the kittens are born.  We monitor the birth of each kitten and our queens and kittens have constant supervision for several days after they are born. All of our kittens are treated as if we were keeping them for ourselves for the next 15 to 20 years.  I want you to have the pleasure that I have had in owning an Abyssinian kitten.  Abyssinian cats are very social, loving and have a high intelligence. Go ahead...give me a call or email me at rdatlant@gmail.com.  You may just be adding the best addition to your family for many years to come.  

All our kittens and their parents are raised in our home, they have complete full range of our home with our dog and nanny cat which allow them to be well adjusted and very well socialized.  You will find our kittens are all healthy and come with a genetic guarantee. We typically sell our kittens as "a pet only," but breeders may inquire.